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Sree Narayana Public School is a Co-Educational institution established and managed by Sree Narayana Vidyapeetam Charitable Trust, (Reg.No. 64/10/IV) Adimaly. The school follows C B S E Syllabus. Our aim is to impart a sound education through a wide training which shall develop the character and personality of each people. The school provides each child with the best education possible based on virtues and values of life. Our educational endeavors aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature Morally upright, Psychologically integrated, physically healthy, and socially acceptable,  who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth, and peace, and who are ever open to further growth. We aspire towards creating a just and human society where the dignity of human being brighten and individual person is respected. It is our intention to create a world where unjust social structures are challenged,  where our cultural heritage of “ahimsa”, religious harmony, and national integration is upheld, and where the poor and marginalized are specially taken care of. To this end, a number of innovative features are being incorporated into the formal framework of the curriculum of the School.